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“Re-opening the Royal Road”

with Meredith Sabini, PhD

Saturday, June 17, 2017       9:00am-12:00pm

Location: Corte Madera Town Center, Community Room, Suite 201, 770 Tamalpais Drive, Corte Madera, CA 94925

Cost: Free to Members, $15 for CEU’s

Contact: Jennifer Rice, Ph.D.

Phone: 415-370-1788

Email: continuing-ed2@marincountypsych.org

Cosponsored by MCPA and CPA


An exciting sea change is underway in the field of dreams and dreaming. The former “royal road,” overly narrow and outdated, has been closed for renovations for several decades, and is now widened to include multiple clinical perspectives and deepened with empirical findings. This program is designed to renew interest in dreams, your own as well as clients’, so this underutilized resource can fulfill its natural role as an aid to the treatment process.

Ways of obtaining initial dreams from clients in any setting will be described. Specific features found to correlate with suicide risk, trauma history, borderline dynamics, and potential for breakdown will be covered. Participants will learn that with good common sense and careful attention to the details given by a dream, the clinical information encoded in it can be used in diagnosis and treatment planning.

Using examples provided, we will explore the dream’s storyline to extract its metaphors, so they become a shared language for therapist and client. We will look for the dynamic tension and link it with intrapsychic and interpersonal conflicts. And we will identify the resources available, or not. Dreams that frighten, puzzle, and intrigue clients may also leave us daunted, unsure how to approach and unpack their mysterious imagery. If we bring our “beginner’s mind” and allow ourselves to not know what a dream means or why it’s come, we may find that by using only our curiosity, ability to ask good questions and to make good observations, the dream may come to life and reveal itself.

Learning goals

Those attending will be able to:

1) Craft good questions to open a dream for mutual exploration in transitional space, as a “third thing.”

2) Assess treatability and resilience based on the resources and dreamer’s stance in a dream.

3) Identify red flags that may indicate trauma, suicide risk, or potential for breakdown; healthy signs of resilience.

4) Obtain dreams from clients in any clinical setting—recurring dreams, most recent dreams, and nightmares

Meredith Sabini, PhD, is a Licensed psychologist (7397) who practiced individual psychotherapy 1977–1997, then shifted to a consulting practice and doing dream training. In 2003, she founded The Dream Institute, in Berkeley, a nonprofit educational and cultural center. She has satellite offices in San Rafael and Santa Rosa, where she offers dream study groups for the public and for professionals. She has been a state certified Continuing Education Provider for psychologists since 1997.



Panel with Julia Ross, Meredith Sabini, Leah Steinberg

Fall tba

How many of us get a good night’s sleep these days? Would you like to sleep better? This program will explore a range of topics and research findings with a panel featuring guests knowledgeable in the field. You will learn: that sleep naturally has a first and second part, with a break in between for reflection and creative thought; how herbal preparations that promote general relaxation differ from animo acids that activate neurotransmitters responsible for sleep; and what effects EMFs and WiFi have on sleep. You will hear about the sleep/dream incubation ritual practiced for a thousand years in ancient Greece; and find out about modern sleep labs and what they offer. Bring your questions and concerns for a lively exploration of this vital topic.

Please sign up in advance by emailing or calling us at the office: 510-845-1767


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Programs Available for CE Credits

Programs listed below have received prior continuing education approval and been offered here and/or at other venues. Complete course descriptions available upon request.
California Psychological Association Provider #DRE010

Programs on Dreams

     The Power of Dreams in Groups
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Practical Dreamwork Skills
Dreams in Brief Psychotherapy
Including Dreams in Clinical Assessment
Including Dreams in Supervision
Objective Dreams about Others
Dreams about Illness and Healing
Dream Dialogues
The Dream as Mirror of the Self
Culture Dreaming: A Therapeutic Modality for the Culture
Dreaming Toward Death
Widening the Royal Road
Asklepian Tradition of Dream Incubation

Dreams about the Therapist, Dreams about the Client

Other Topics

Death’s Early Warning Signs
Evolutionary Psychology: Clinical Applications
Mythic Foundations of Psychotherapy
Rituals within Psychotherapy
Interior Training of the Healer
Destiny: A Neglected Factor in Psychotherapy

Shamanism & The Return of the Repressed