Spring to Fall 2017


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April 22 Earth Day Dream Council
May 13 Deep Dreaming
June 3 Deep Dreaming
 June 17 Re-opening the Royal Road – (CE event at Marin County Psychological Assn.) Full description on our CE page
            June 21 Salon on Dreams for Parents
    Starts July 9 Dream Art Workshop for Kids ages 6-8
July 15 Quarterly Dream Council
September 9 Deep Dreaming – Fall series
September 16 Men & Meaningful Work                                    with Alan Ptashek
     October 21 A Good Night Sleep—panel presentation
  November 17 Salon on Dreams & Dreaming – NCSPP



Saturdays   1–4pm

May 13, June 3

$20–35 (sliding scale per session)

 “There is only one world…and it has
an inside and an outside.”
—C. G. Jung

Deep Dreaming is a unique group dream-sharing process with a devotional or shamanic orientation. Dreams are not consciously chosen but invited to come forth during a group meditation. We then hear all of them repeated together as one big dream for the collective, and explore its themes and imagery. The process lets us view the world from the inside so we can observe and participate in the unfolding challenges, tasks, and mythology. Even though we look to the dreams for collective rather than personal implications, you will see your own in new light.

Note: you can come to any single session in this series if you have attended Deep Dreaming previously.

Facilitated by Meredith Sabini, PhD, and Richard Russo, MA

Please sign up in advance by emailing or calling us at the office: 510-845-1767



Saturday April 22     1–3pm    $15-50 (sliding scale)

Join us to celebrate Earth Day by exploring

the other wilderness—of dreams.

Modeled on indigenous practices, this event offers an opportunity to share collective dreams, relevant to the uncertain, chaotic atmosphere today.

Come explore with others the vitality of dreams about the web of life.

Suitable for anyone concerned about the environment and its fate.

Bring a dream you think might be relevant and an open, curious mind.

No previous experience necessary. Open to all.


Dream: I am walking in the hills and I see up ahead a church with its doors open. As I get closer, through the doors, I see trees and a pond or lake. As I stand there looking, I can’t tell if nature is inside the church or if the church is inside nature.

In previous years, we have celebrated Earth Day by creating performance pieces based upon dreams about the earth, and may again soon.

Visit our website for “Dreams of the Earth” on the Articles page.

Facilitated by:

Meredith Sabini, author of The Earth Has a Soul,

and Richard Russo, past president of International Association

for the Study of Dreams

Please register ahead, if possible, by phone or email. Drop-ins okay.




For Parents

Wednesday June 21   7-8:30 pm  free

You are invited to this free evening event to hear about dreams, how they can be shared at home, and to meet the workshop facilitators. Psychologist Melanie Gilpin, parent to two grown kids, will speak about her recent research on dreams that parents have about their kids and how helpful they can be. The workshop is co-sponsored with The Dream Institute, whose director, Dr. Meredith Sabini, will introduce Teresa Holtgraves and Emily Hippert, expressive arts specialists who will offer the childrens’ workshop. Open to any parents or grandparents. Bring any and all questions about dreams for a lively discussion.

Held at The Dream Institute, 1672 University Ave.




Sunday mornings 10:30-12noon

July 9, 16, 23, 30     $95

Attending to dreams can help develop children’s creative imagination, verbal skills, interpersonal sharing, and emotional intelligence. In this workshop, children will explore their nighttime dreams by telling them, using art materials to draw them, and play acting dream scenes with other kids.

Please plan for your child to attend all 4 meetings. Held at Sticky Art Lab                         (right next door to The Dream Institute).

Call or email Sticky Art Lab to reserve a space. (510) 981-1148




Saturday July 15     1–3pm    $20-50 (sliding scale)

Sat October 14         1–3pm    $20-50 (sliding scale)


Many people are having “collective dreams” in response to the uncertain, chaotic atmosphere today. These dreams are broad in scope and don’t stem from the dreamer’s own background but usually refer to public situations, public buildings, public events; and they make sense only when viewed through a larger lens. Cultures throughout history as well as many contemporary indigenous ones regularly turn to such dreams for inspiration and guidance.

This Dream Council offers a special opportunity to hear collective dreams, to tell them, and to jointly explore their imagery. They provide a fresh perspective on our current situation, giving it more meaning by revealing its mythic dimensions. Those who have been puzzled by having a collective dream may feel relieved as others who witness and receive the dream are enriched by its message. The program includes a dream re-entry in which participants meditate on an image or scene especially intriguing to them.

Open to all. Bring a dream you think might be collective or send it in with permission for it to be read. Come without a dream but bring an open, curious mind.

Suggested reading: Jerome Bernstein, Living at the Borderlands

“These mythological or collective dreams have a character that forces people instinctively to tell them. This instinct is quite appropriate, because such dreams do not belong to the individual; they have a collective meaning. They are true in themselves in general, and in particular they are true for people in certain circumstances.” —C. G. Jung (CW 18; par 250)

Facilitated by Meredith Sabini and Richard Russo


DEEP DREAMING – Fall series

Starts Saturday September 9

Also Oct 7, Nov 4, Dec 2



How Dreams Shape, Inspire, and Guide It

with Alan Ptashek

Saturday September 16     1–5pm


The dreaming mind knows our gifts and potentials, and dreams can help identify obstacles and illuminate new paths to consider and embark upon. Please join us for this exciting and innovative program, open to both men and women, where we will explore and reflect upon dreams about vocation, career, and the soul’s calling. How are we are to live with the work we’ve chosen? How do we attend to and nourish our work to keep it fresh and alive?

Choosing a vocation and securing a livelihood are very real demands upon men. What if these efforts were supported by an interior center—of dreams, imaginings, and the whispers of the soul? For many men, a timely turning inward guides them in how they can engage with the world. Drawing on his long background as facilitator of men’s groups, Alan will open this gathering by telling stories of dreams that guided men on their work path. Those present are invited to share recent, recurring, or significant dreams, whose array of images may provide a revitalizing sense of direction, passion, and purpose.

Alan R. Ptashek, MA, CCHT, SEP®, has been in private practice for 35 years, with offices in Berkeley and San Rafael. As a Certified Trauma Therapist, he conducts training programs in the US, Canada, Europe, and South America. His research and writing has been published in books, professional journals, and on DVD. Alan taught at the widely influential Men’s Conferences with poet Robert Bly, mythologist Michael Meade, and the late James Hillman. He was a presenter at The Redwood Men’s Center for many years and is a founding member of the San Francisco Bay Area Men’s Counseling Guild, a peer professional consulting group now in its 30th year.



Panel with Julia Ross, Meredith Sabini, Leah Steinberg

Saturday October 21

How many of us get a good night’s sleep these days? Would you like to sleep better? This program will explore a range of topics and research findings with a panel featuring guests knowledgeable in the field. You will learn: that sleep naturally has a first and second part, with a break in between for reflection and creative thought; how herbal preparations that promote general relaxation differ from animo acids that activate neurotransmitters responsible for sleep; and what effects EMFs and WiFi have on sleep. You will hear about the sleep/dream incubation ritual practiced for a thousand years in ancient Greece; and find out about modern sleep labs and what they offer. Bring your questions and concerns for a lively exploration of this vital topic.

Please sign up in advance by emailing or calling us at the office: 510-845-1767