Welcome to the Dream Institute website

The Dream Institute is a cultural and educational center
whose mission is to restore dreams as a resource that
informs and inspires our collective and personal lives.

      Restoring Wholeness in Fragmented Times

Founded in 2003, THE DREAM INSTITUTE came into being during this era known as the Shift or the Great Turning. Our purpose is to provide a place for those who have an active interior life and those who seek it. We hope to restore dreams, a universal wisdom source, to contemporary society. They are a natural resource, democratically available to all, yet vastly underutilized today. Most cultures throughout history have called upon dreams for information and guidance; at this time of upheaval and transition they are more needed than ever.

Dream Institute offerings include: dream groups, educational seminars, training for professionals, art exhibits, retreats, and dream-based performances. We are the West Coast center for the “Culture Dreaming” method, now offered as “Deep Dreaming.”  Our  programs and events are open to the public; Continuing Education seminars are for professionals in the healing arts. The Dream Institute does not advocate any single philosophical, psychological, spiritual, or religious viewpoint. Housed in a beautiful historic landmark, it is a sanctuary in the city.

The dream is central to our evolutionary inheritance…More than ever we must dream well if we are to further the wonderful, dangerous, and always visionary human adventure.  —Robert Jay Lifton, The Future of Immortality

“The bridges between the diurnal and nocturnal halves of man have been cut. Society today refuses to allow oneiric images the passport and visa necessary for entry into everyday social activity. Freud repersonalized the dream; now we must resocialize it.” —Roger Bastide, PhD, French social anthropologist, 1960


The Dream Institute has been here for 15 years this year! We want to celebrate this with you by, first, saying Thank you for your interest, enthusiasm, and attendance at our offerings over the years. Second, we want to invite you to consider other ways you could be involved.
This newsletter will give you a sense of what we’ve been doing recently and what we’ve got planned. We would be glad to hear from you with ideas for programs and events you’d like to see happen here. Though we elected not to be a membership organization—with dues and member privileges—we do want and need donations (tax deductible via our nonprofit) of any size as our rent has markedly increased and our program income by no way covers it.
If you haven’t looked at our website recently, we have some new board members as well as many articles that you can download and read.

Happy Autumn! We look forward to seeing you at something here soon.

Psychotherapy Referrals—As often as weekly, we get calls from people wanting to find a modest cost therapist who is knowledgeable about dreams. We are delighted to now have someone well-known to us to refer to you: psychologist Melanie Gilpin, an active participant at The Dream Institute for some years, has opened her psychotherapy office in Berkeley and is now accepting clients on a sliding scale. A recent graduate of the Wright Institute who did her dissertation on dreams that parents have about their children, Melanie has been a life-long dreamer and has a natural gift with dreams. As a mother of two grown children, she also brings ample life experience to her work.  She is a Psychological Assistant (PSB 94023595) to Amy Weston, PhD, a licensed psychologist (Psy 6316) and Jungian Psychoanalyst in Berkeley. Contact Melanie Gilpin, PsyD, directly at 415-300-6939.

New Fall Program: “Cooking Up Dreams”—To our Fall schedule, we are adding this program, which will focus on ways you can work with your own dreams. It will be held Saturday November 11, 10am-1pm, and hosted by our director, Meredith Sabini. She is developing a new approach to dream work using this culinary metaphor for the process of bringing dreams to life so they become nourishing.

Dream Groups—very popular! Dream groups seem to be very popular—8 monthly groups currently being held in three locations. All are listed on our website, with openings updated as they occur. We apparently are one of the few Bay Area venues that offer ongoing dream groups.
Training in conducting dream groups is available to qualified professional (in various fields); if you are interested, please contact our office with a letter of inquiry and resume.

Jennifer Privateer—Our Managing Director A special thanks to the wonderful Jennifer Privateer, who manages the office, bank account, emails, website, enrollment, contracts with presenters and renters, and many other aspects of this business—steadily, solidly, reliably, always with thoughtful ideas and insights and admirable equanimity!

Volunteers Needed/Work-trade A number of our regular program monitors, who were graduate students, have gone off to other places, and we need help in the office and with programs. You could: 1) Monitor a program of your choice in exchange for free enrollment—come early to set up, sign people in, help the presenter as needed, close up. 2) Do typing, copying, errands in exchange for free attendance at a program(s) of your choice. 3) Be “Hestia” for our building by keeping it clean and tidy. Come once a week or twice a month on a day of your choice. 4) Help with donated books. We receive about 100 donated books a week! They need to be sorted, then sold to local bookstores or delivered to library bookstores. You’ll need a car. Keep as many books as you can read!

Graduate Student to Do Library Research—Want to work on dream research projects? Dr. Sabini needs a graduate student in psychology to do lit searches and get articles, as she doesn’t use a computer. Pays $20/hour. Call her directly at 510-849-8511.

Grant Writer Needed—We have had trouble applying for grants as we don’t serve one single underserved population. But aren’t dreamers underserved? If you are or you know a creative grant writer familiar with human services, please contact us. Thank you!