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The Dream Institute is a cultural and educational center whose mission is to encourage interest in dreaming as an ancient evolved resource available to all that can inform and inspire our collective and personal lives.

THE DREAM INSTITUTE, founded in 2003, came into being during this time known as the shift or the great turning. Our purpose is to provide a place for those who have an active interior life and those who seek it. We hope to restore dreams, a universal wisdom source, to contemporary society. They are a natural resource, democratically available to all, yet vastly underutilized today. Most cultures throughout history have called upon dreams for information and guidance; at this time of upheaval and transition they are more relevant than ever.

“The bridges between the diurnal and nocturnal halves of man have been cut. Society today refuses to allow oneiric images the passport and visa necessary for entry into everyday social activity. Freud repersonalized the dream; now we must resocialize it.” —Roger Bastide, PhD, French social anthropologist, 1960

The Other Nightly News— collective dreams

Spring 2017

Many people who don’t typically have collective dreams are having them now. A collective dream has a broad, general scope, perhaps with mythic features. It does not stem from the dreamer’s own background and usually doesn’t make sense until viewed from a larger perspective. Cultures throughout history, plus many contemporary indigenous ones, regularly turn to dreams for inspiration and guidance, easily distinguishing collective dreams from personal ones. The Dream Institute has been receiving dreams related to the election, inauguration, and recent events, and we are going to post selected dreams that have widespread relevance. We will also be hosting a Dream Council on Saturday April 22 for hearing collective dreams.

The dream cited below is from a man in his 60s who has had visionary dreams since he was young; we hope you will find it helpful. Other dreams and relevant quotes will appear on our website under “The Other Nightly News.” Stay tuned.

“Martial Arts Lesson for our time”

I’m wandering about with another person on some quest or mission. We keep finding things to fix and problems to solve. There’s a lot going on and everywhere people are pumped up. We’ve been in a waiting room for a long time; perhaps overnight. A news courier arrives in the morning delivering a stack of papers to a newspaper box in the lobby. People around me are buying them and I get in line to do the same. Everyone seems so keen on keeping up with what’s going on.

I’m walking in a city with a few others, two of whom are tapping with long sticks or branches on the sidewalk. A Chinese woman asks if it’s okay to tap the sidewalk with her stick and then use it to prepare meals in her kitchen. I recommend she keep those activities separate, saying that only kitchen utensils that are clean should be used with cooking and ingesting food.

I contemplate what is currently transpiring all across the country. The new political reality is galvanizing those who have been distracted or asleep. Faced with aggression, disparate forces have been awakened. The tail of the tiger has been pulled, and we are the tiger.

A martial arts master gives us a sparring lesson. It is meant to apply equally to how we engage politically. He says, “Regardless of your size or ability it is essential to maintain balance and stay centered at all times.” We watch the master sparring with a formidable opponent. He doesn’t score well but doesn’t give up and maintains his principles. He then takes us aside and imparts more of his wisdom. He says, “Stand tall with eyes open.” Motioning to Venus and Mars in the evening sky, he continues, “Stand tall and salute the planets. Hold your own space, aligning with that which is greater. When retreating, shrink and give ground but don’t give your way. Bend but keep your balance, like a reed in the breeze. Yield like water that fills every void and space. In all aspects and positions of life, remain flexible. Always keep alert with eyes open and ears tuned.” 1/29/2017

Comment by Meredith Sabini, director:

We selected this dream because it seems straightforward and easy to understand. The scene of tapping the sidewalk with a stick suggests the manner in which vision-impaired people feel their way along carefully. It is hard to see what’s ahead, so for now it’s safest to go slowly and keep in touch with the ground beneath one’s feet. The question of using the same tool for cooking receives a wise reply: keep the public and the private separate enough that you can be sure the nourishment you take in is healthy. The presence of Venus and Mars signify the larger mythic or archetypal feminine and masculine forces activated today, with which we need to be respectfully aligned.


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The dream is central to our evolutionary inheritance…More than ever we must dream well if we are to further the wonderful, dangerous, and always visionary human adventure.  —Robert Jay Lifton, The Future of Immortality

We seem to have a built-in way of monitoring the extent to which inner and outer events interfere with or enhance our own humanity. The dream can be looked upon as a kind of steering mechanism which, if attended to, can help us stay on a survival course. —Montague Ullman