Dream Consultation

There are many kinds of dreams and many purposes to dreaming: to review the past, reflect on the present, rehearse for the future. In Dream Consultation, we listen together for themes in the storyline of your dream. I look for the questions embedded in its narrative and translate its symbolic language. One dream a month, even one dream a year, well understood, can become a companion, a compass to guide your way.

Dream Consultation can be beneficial when . . .

  • You want inspiration for a creative project.
  • You face a major decision and need guidance.
  • Dreams address your career, work, or home situation.
  • A nightmare or recurring dream concerns you.
  • A meaningful occasion could be honored through a dream-based ritual.
  • A dream accompanies the onset of illness.
  • A spiritual opening occurs via out-of-body experiences, lucid dreams, kundalini, or religious conversion.
  • Your group, organization, or community seeks insight or renewal through facilitated dream-sharing.

Dream Consultation can be complementary to spiritual practices and adjunctive to bodywork, psychotherapy, or analysis.



When we face important decisions or major challenges in any area of life—work, health, relationships—we may be inclined to seek a reading from someone with expertise in Tarot, Astrology, I Ching, or with psychic ability. Our hope is receiving information beyond what is readily knowable. Another way to gain information and guidance is via your own dreams, in a Dream Reading. Like other modalities, it too is both ancient and modern; and it is similar in purpose but draws a different source: the wisdom center in your own being. This wisdom function creates and produces dream narratives that describe your essential qualities, stance in life, personal resources, past and present challenges, and hints of the unfolding future. Dreams don’t tell us what we already know, nor do they tell us explicitly what to do. Rather they offer a nuanced picture, in symbolic language, of our actual situation, clarifying possible inner and outer obstacles. If we view dreams as a mystery inviting contemplation, they may show the way.

To benefit from a Dream Reading, bring any of the following: a remembered childhood dream, a recurring dream or nightmare, a big dream, several recent dreams. I work closely with the scenes and images, and attempt to identify the metaphors that characterize your situation and concerns. A 60- or 90-minute session may also include dream re-entry, in which you consult directly with dream figures to obtain further specific guidance. Dreams are a foreign language, and their translation is both an art and a science.

Meredith Sabini, PhD, is a licensed psychologist in the field since 1972 and founder/director of The Dream Institute. This approach grows out of her forty years’ experience with dreams, as well as a natural predilection for onieromancy (dream divination). To learn more about this approach or make an appointment, contact her directly. She has no email address and does not receive emails at The Dream Institute.

Dr. Meredith Sabini
by appointment only