Dream Groups


Ongoing Dream Groups led by Dr. Meredith Sabini


San Rafael

Monthly 10am-12noon For therapists


Monthly 10:30am-12:30 Women over 65                             (full)


Monthly 10:00am-12pm Creative types, ages 30-45                  (full)


Monthly 2-4pm Therapists starting career        (has openings)


Monthly 10:30am-12:30pm Women over 55                         (full)

Santa Rosa

Monthly 3-5:30pm Men and women

Led by Meredith Sabini, PhD, Director of The Dream Institute and Licensed Psychologist (#7397).   To schedule a free mutual interview, call Dr. Sabini directly at 510-849-8511.

(Please do not call The Dream Institute, as messages left there are not confidential and Dr. Sabini does not pick them up.)

Dream Groups for Individuals

Dream groups are one of the main services offered through The Dream Institute.  The groups are designed for those with an active inner life who wish to share and explore it with like-minded others. Groups usually have 5-6 members, so everyone is able to present a dream at each meeting; groups typically meet once a month and are not intended as therapy groups, though dreamwork, of course, is healing and therapeutic. The focus is on the applications and implications of dream material to participants’ present-day lives. After unpacking a dream’s content through personal associations and objective amplifications, the dreamer may use guided imagery to gain further understanding.

Dream Consultation Groups for Psychotherapists

These groups are conducted on the same format, with 5-6 participants meeting monthly. The focus is on clients’ dreams or the therapists’ dreams about their work. No case material is presented; the goal is to discover what can be learned from the wise counsel of the dreaming mind. These are open to therapists of any clinical orientation and experience level. Practical applications, not theory, is the emphasis.

What is a “Dream Group”?

Here is how a dream from a group member describes it:

“A woman has opened a unique café. People can bring their car in to have minor work performed while having breakfast. Friends gather to enjoy a meal and each other’s company. When they go to the cash register to pay their bill, their car keys are waiting for them, and their car is waiting outside also.

I return the next day. I look around and notice how comfortable everyone feels together. There is a natural rhythm and ease, creating a genuine community.”

Comment from Meredith:

The car is a common dream symbol that tends to symbolize our mode of being in the world or how we go about life; our competence, our sense of agency and direction, and our ability to steer things, make turns, and stop as needed. Unlike therapy, which can involve overhauling the engine or rebuilding the transmission, for instance, a dream group provides minor repairs for vehicles that basically are working well; the sort of psychological tune-up we all need regularly. This dream also shows the sense of communitas that naturally comes from deep sharing.